Will & Grace After Party!

Welcome to the finale of our WILL & GRACE AFTER PARTY - where it’s WILL & GRACE, all the time!
Kristin Dos Santos is surrounded by my kind of people - Will & Grace mega fans.

We find out Cher is returning to iIll & Grace.
It’s a bittersweet night. We lost Rosario but we gained a Lorraine Finster.

The other day, I got to sit down with Karen herself, Megan Mullally! She talked about Karen losing Rosario and where she sees the show heading. Plus, find out if we bumped bellies. We didn’t. Or did we? Check it out.

Tonight’s show was very emotional. Who wasn’t crying during Karen’s goodbye to Rosario? We also learned that Grace’s mom died and saw Jack perform some very impressive dance moves.

  1. How do you think Karen will hold up without her partner?
  2. Of course tonight was the return of Smitty the bartender... and Lorraine. How was it to see Lorraine again?
  3. We also find out that Grace’s mom died. Did you want more closure?

Do you think Grace is right and that she and Will aren’t partners but that he works for her now?
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Prince on Arsenio Hall

Here's an interview I produced with Prince a couple of years ago for Arsenio. He took over the whole show. Playing 2 (or three I can't remember) songs. He did an interview and agreed to do a crazy bit the writers came up with.
He spent a couple of days on the show. He was in the edit over seeing the cut and the sound.
I got to talk to Prince in his dressing room before the show. We went over my questions with a quick yes he has a good answer for that question or no, that question goes no where.